Time to Reflect

Another year has passed and we are well on our way in 2016. Is it just me, or does it seem like each year passes by faster and faster? As I look back on personal and professional accomplishments in 2015, and consider goals for 2016, I am reminded of something: the importance of reflection. I’m

Tornadoes in Florida?

When people think of natural disasters in Florida, they generally think hurricanes, not tornadoes. Tornadoes happen in places like Kansas, Nebraska, and “OOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping’ down the plain.” But not in sunny Florida right? Wrong. They do occur in the sunshine state, and even more so this year because of El Nino’s

Sewage Backup

When most of us hear the word sewage we think gross, disgusting, filthy, disease-ridden, yuck; which are all accurate descriptions. Sewage is nasty muck that none of us want anywhere near our property, let alone, soaking into our carpets or stinking up our furniture. But it happens- sewage backups happen- in our homes and in