Undiscovered Death Cleanup

As stated in last week’s blog post, Joe Taylor Restoration has helped several families recently with unfortunate biohazard situations. One of these cases involved undiscovered death cleanup. The reality of the world in which we currently live, is that not all people are closely connected to their neighbors, their communities or even their families. There are

Biohazard Services

Lately at Joe Taylor Restoration, there has been an increased need for biohazard services. That’s never really a good thing considering biohazard situations may include accidents, suicides, homicides, or decomposition after unattended death. It could also include mass trauma, industrial accidents, hoarding, infectious disease contamination, or animal biohazards (ie. feces or blood). Non of which are

The Sales Team at Joe Taylor Restoration

The sales team at Joe Taylor Restoration is made up of some of the most hard-working, out-going, self-motivated, and fun-loving people in our company. Last week, the sales team at Joe Taylor Restoration, led by Aaron Getty, participated in an in-house sales training meant to further enhance their seasoned sales and marketing skills. Over the course of