Roof Leaks and Water Damage- Boynton Beach, Florida

With all the rain we have been having lately in Florida, Joe Taylor Restoration has been quite busy responding to routine jobs, such as roof leaks. Certainly, during a rain storm, a large leak becomes apparent very quickly and you may find yourself grabbing a bucket to catch falling water. But roof leaks are not

Tenant Water Damage- St. Augustine, Florida

It’s bad enough when a property owner experiences a water loss in the home or business in which they reside. But what can be even worse is tenant water damage in a house, condo, commercial space, etc. that the landlord rents out and does not occupy. Why potentially worse?  For reasons such as the tenant

Fire Damage Tips

Fire damage can be absolutely devastating for a home or business owner. To see the things you have worked so hard to build and protect quite literally go up in smoke can bring about feelings of deep loss, frustration and hopelessness. It can help, however to know that there are companies, like Joe Taylor Restoration,