Attic Water Leak- Fort Pierce, Florida

attic water leakAn attic water leak can be especially frustrating, particularly because water flows downhill. In other words, if water begins to leak at the top of a building, aka the attic, and it is not stopped immediately, it will progress downward, soaking drywall, ceilings, insulation, flooring, basically everything in its path. This is known as a “top down” water loss and can end up affecting the entire structure.

Such was the case recently for a homeowner in Fort Pierce, Florida. A pipe burst in the attic and subsequently flooded the attic, an upstairs bathroom and bedroom, hallway, laundry closet, master bedroom, master bedroom closet, access to the stairwell from the master closet, stairwell, living room, and kitchen pantry.

The homeowner was very upset and called on Joe Taylor Restoration to dry the home. He communicated several times how concerned he was about mold eventually taking hold since so much of the home was soaked with water. Our very experienced technicians assured him that that would not happen if everything was dried properly.

Our technicians got to work immediately using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, identifying every area where moisture was present. They then began using a variety of techniques to expedite the drying process. Wet insulation was removed from the attic, a dehumidifier was ducted into the ceiling in the living room, and baseboards were detached to promote airflow. All the necessary mechanical drying equipment was deployed and monitored and eventually the home was deemed completely dry.

The homeowner was thrilled that his attic water leak did not totally destroy his home or result in damaging mold growth. So much so that he wrote a glowing review of our technicians, concluding with: “Joe Taylor Restoration is a spectacular company and made us as customers feel relieved that we could actually have our home back to how it was before the disaster occurred.”

If you are faced with an attic water leak or any other form of water damage, do not hesitate, contact Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. Let us show you that we can give you back your home, as if the disaster never occurred.