Customer Spotlight: West Palm Beach, Florida

This month’s Joe Taylor Restoration Customer Spotlight: West Palm Beach, Florida really speaks for itself. In it, our incredibly kind customer, Erin B., details her great appreciation for how helpful, thorough, prompt, considerate, patient, and simply amazing our team was assisting her with both water damage and mold remediation. Hi! I want management to know

Employee Spotlight: Walter Clark- Southwest Florida Office

March has arrived, and with it comes Joe Taylor Restoration’s Employee Spotlight Newsletter. This month, we are thrilled to introduce you to Walter Clark, a talented former chef who is known for his thoroughness, leadership, and professionalism as a Mold Estimator in the Southwest Florida Office. Walter has been with JTR for almost five years,

Customer Spotlight: Delray Beach, Florida

This month’s Customer Spotlight: Delray Beach, Florida highlights something very important to our company- our desire to provide each of our customers with a better service experience than they have ever encountered: PROVIDING AN UNMATCHED SERVICE EXPERIENCE℠. Mold Remediation can be a huge frustration and inconvenience for any property owner. Therefore, it is extremely important

Water Damage and Hoarding- Lake Worth, Florida

Water damage is difficult enough to deal with. But when a property owner experiences water damage in a hoarding environment, the problem can become completely overwhelming. Luckily, for a homeowner in Lake Worth, Florida, Joe Taylor Restoration knows to handle both water damage and hoarding. And in the end, we were able to help restore the

Employee Spotlight: John Cairns- Headquarters

At Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR), we are blessed with an incredibly hard working team that comes from all kinds of experiences and backgrounds. But we are especially privileged to have several US military veterans working with us. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize one of these veterans in this month’s Employee Spotlight- Headquarters: