Bathroom Remodel Mold Remediation

Most, if not all of us love the home design andbathroom remodel mold remediation remodeling shows right? Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, the list goes on and on. Kitchens and bathrooms seem to be the most exciting. We watch as experts take these all important rooms from drab to fab, and sometimes to absolutely unbelievable. Most of the time things start out well on these shows, but inevitably along the way there is one or more big set backs. Like when the contractor starts to remove the shower pan in an old shower, and suddenly the homeowner finds themselves in need of bathroom remodel mold remediation.

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas in the home for mold growth because they provide plenty of the moisture and humidity required for mold to grow. Add on to that the possibility that original construction consisted of inappropriate plumbing installation, drainage problems, or improper venting and a homeowner could find that bathroom remodel mold remediation is an absolutely necessary part of their project.

Bathroom Remodel Mold remediation.With that in mind, look for evidence of mold before beginning your bathroom remodel. Evidence may include black or green spots on walls just above baseboards or near the ceiling, or patches of drywall that appear wet even when the bathroom hasn’t been used in several hours. A musty or unpleasant smell may accompany mold, as well as various health symptoms such as watery eyes, coughing, and sneezing, in an otherwise healthy person.

If after checking for signs, you discover you are in need of bathroom remodel mold remediation, contact an expert mold remediation company, like Joe Taylor Restoration, before starting your renovation. That way, the mold can be eliminated before construction spreads spores to the rest of your home. However, if you only discover the presence of mold after construction has already begun, a certified mold remediation company can still help you deal with your problem, ensuring that your newly remodeled bathroom does not include mold.

Whether your home is one that is featured on HGTV or just a regular fixer upper, you may hit a snag that requires bathroom remodel mold remediation. Joe Taylor Restoration is here to help. We would be happy to rid your home of the fungal intruder, so that your beautiful bathroom remodel is everything you want it to be.