Biohazard Cleaning Job- Margate, Florida

biohazard cleaning jobBiohazard situations are typically completely overwhelming for any property owner. But when the property is a rental property and the owner is out of state, dealing with a biohazard cleaning job can seem like an impossible task.

Fortunately for the owner of a property in Margate, Florida, Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) is an expert in this field. We were able to take care of a rather large biohazard cleaning job from start to finish without requiring the owner to make the trip and be directly involved in the project himself.

As is the case with many biohazard cleaning jobs, this concerning situation involved a lot of blood. So much so, in fact, that blood was present in every room of the property. And accompanying that blood was a distinct and powerful odor.

Once the out of town property owner became aware of the situation, he contacted JTR and directed his property management company to grant us entrance to the residence.

JTR’s technicians immediately began to assess and remediate the scene. We reported back to the property owner throughout the process, providing comprehensive reports and photos both to the property owner and his insurance company.

The biohazard cleaning job was extensive, and required that the kitchen lower cabinets and counter tops, guest bathroom vanity, mirror, sink, toilet, shower doors, tub, and all carpeting and padding be removed.

In addition, because the former tenant was deceased with no family, the property owner asked that we safely remove and dispose of all furniture, appliances, pots and pans, silverware and utensils, dishes, clothing items, books and papers, mattresses and bedding, food items, loose items in drawers and closets, window shades, a wheelchair and walker, and other affected personal items.

In the end, the entire property was properly remediated and ready for reconstruction. The property owner was so grateful to have the most daunting part, the biohazard cleaning job, complete and be able to get the property ready for rental again.

Whether you are a rental property owner or a regular home owner in need of biohazard remediation, contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We will take care of even the most formidable biohazard cleaning job and give you peace of mind in the process.