Biohazard Cleaning Services Review

biohazard cleaning servicesMost of the scenarios surrounding biohazard cleaning services are very difficult for customers and technicians alike. This is because biohazard damage restoration is needed in cases where there is trauma, homicide, suicide, undiscovered death, hoarding and the like.

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we always strive to deliver an UNMATCHED SERVICE EXPERIENCE℠ to our customers. But perhaps even more so when the customer is faced with an upsetting biohazard situation. Therefore, positive reviews for biohazard cleaning services tend to carry a bit more weight, and we appreciate them immensely.

The following review is from a satisfied customer for whom we performed biohazard cleaning services:

I wish Joe Taylor Restoration was the first company I called.

I experienced a traumatic event in my home. Because I couldn’t get a straight answer from the first cleaning company or my insurance company after almost 4 days, I reached out in desperation to a second vendor – Joe Taylor Restoration.

Luiz was extremely professional, but also very considerate, sensitive, and understanding of the situation. He explained the process and steps to be taken to clean my home and answered every silly question I had. He was nearly always available to take my calls, and if not, returned them in a timely manner. As the cleaning took place, he would also keep me posted as to what was going on.

Chris was my point of contact for the actual cleaning team, I believe there was also Mike. I didn’t get the other two gentlemen’s names. Again, they were all super professional, considerate, sensitive and understanding regarding the nature of work. They took extra care to recover specific items I asked for.

The scope of work contracted was just for cleaning and demolition. This work is more expensive than expected, but every cent they’ve asked for is justified. They need to protect themselves and be safe. Cleaning was not only physically scrubbing and treating areas, but also cleaning and filtering the air. Also, they had a team to come in and clean my entire a/c and duct system. I feel like the impacted room and home in general are now in a better state than when I first bought it – I’m that pleased with how thorough their efforts were.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to appropriately express my gratitude for everyone’s effort in helping me move through this nightmare. But thank you – Luiz, Chris, Mike, and everyone else at Joe Taylor Restoration.

Because of the nature of biohazard damage, we wish that biohazard cleaning services were not necessary. However, these difficult situations do occur. And when they do, we are here to help! The licensed and insured technicians at Joe Taylor Restoration are trained in how best to deal with biohazard damage restoration. And, as evidenced by the above review, we will approach each instance with sensitivity, sympathy, and professionalism. If you are in need of biohazard cleaning services, contact Joe Taylor Restoration.