Black Water Damage in Bell Glade, Florida

When hearing the term “Black Water,” perhaps what comes to mind is swamp land, backwoods dwelling, or even a barrel of moonshine. But when the subject is water damage, black water, also known as “Category 3 Water,” describes the worst kind of water that can affect your home or business.

Considered grossly unsanitary, this water contains harmful bacteria and fungi, which could cause severe discomfort or sickness for those occupying a property that has been affected by black water. Black water that comes from a sewage source is obviously something to avoid and have removed appropriately by professionals. However, what many property owners do not understand is that any water that has not been promptly removed from a flooded structure, and has remained stagnant may be re-classified as Category 3 Water.

Such was the case when black water became an issue for a couple in Bell Glade, Florida. The couple left on an extended vacation, thinking all was well with their home while they were gone. Unfortunately, they did not have a house sitter or a neighbor checking on their property while they were away. Upon their return, they discovered that their hot water heater had broken, a very common cause of water damage, resulting in a completely flooded home. If the couple had caught the water loss immediately and employed a water restoration company, then the problem would not have worsened and they would not have been faced with black water. But because the water was left standing for weeks, the job of water damage restoration became much more involved.

The concerned couple called Joe Taylor Restoration to address the water damage in Bell Glade. We extracted water from some of the carpet and the tile, but because black water was a factor in the bedrooms, closets, and kitchen, the carpet and pad had to be removed, as well as the baseboards and toe kicks from the kitchen cabinets. In addition, several area rugs sustained water damage, and in the couple’s storage room, an extensive amount of personal content was affected. We were able to same some of the personal effects, however, much of it had to be discarded due to contamination.

Overall, thanks to the technicians at Joe Taylor Restoration, black water did not permanently impact the couple’s property. However, clean up was an arduous and lengthy process. If you plan to go out of town, especially for an extended period of time, we suggest you ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your property from time to time. A previous blog post entitled Snowbirds Leaving Florida: How to Prevent Fire, Mold and Water Damage will give you details, helping you prepare your property for your absence.

If you find yourself faced with black water, or water damage of any kind, contact Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. We will see to it that your questions are answered and that your home or business is returned to a safe and healthy environment.