Mold Remediation in Hollywood, Florida

When the water heater bursts in a home, the amount of water that results is already a hassle to any homeowner. But when the presence of water quickly results in mold growth, the hassle becomes a huge headache. Add to the headache a preexisting respiratory condition, as with the case of a homeowner in Hollywood, Florida, and

Water Damage in Condos- West Palm Beach, Florida

The “domino effect.” No one wants the domino effect to apply to them when the “game” is water damage. So often in apartment and condo buildings, when one upper level unit suffers a water loss, the surrounding units and those underneath are also affected in quick succession as water seeps through and pours down the walls,

Black Water Damage in Bell Glade, Florida

When hearing the term “Black Water,” perhaps what comes to mind is swamp land, backwoods dwelling, or even a barrel of moonshine. But when the subject is water damage, black water, also known as “Category 3 Water,” describes the worst kind of water that can affect your home or business. Considered grossly unsanitary, this water

July 4th Celebration Turned Mold Remediation in Plantation, Florida

For a business owner in Plantation, Florida, the July Fourth holiday did not prove to bring with it as much cause for celebration this year. The owner discovered a large amount of mold in her building, and placed an emergency phone call to Joe Taylor Restoration the morning of Independence Day. She was most concerned about

Top Down Water Loss in Boca Raton, Florida

Earlier this month, a resident in Boca Raton, FL experienced a “top down” water loss in her two story home. The culprit was a common one- the supply line to the toilet in the master bathroom upstairs was compromised and in turn flooded the house from the top down. This type of water loss tends to