Remaining Profitable as an Insurance Agent

These days present a challenge economically to many families, so cutting costs has become, and will stay the norm. Gone are the days where prices “are what they are,” with people paying bills and buying items without thinking twice about the cost. Unfortunately, the new mentality has trickled into the property insurance market, with many

Insurance and Communication

As always, I try to write about relevant topics that apply to all of us. Recently, communication has been at the top of my list, so I thought sharing some insights about what I’ve learned would be helpful. As we are training our staff for various situations, communication has been at the forefront of our

When Less is More

More options, more choices, more of everything. With “more” being the phrase of the decade, when is less better? While Coke now gives you the ability to choose over 100 different drink options at many of their fountain machines, we have kept things much simpler. I thought that with Hurricane Isaac leaving us in his

Debunking Industry Rumors Concerning Claims

While reading up on the latest industry news, I come across some interesting articles and websites. One article titled Insurance Agents Don’t Get Paid to Handle Claims – They Only Get Paid to Sell You Policies. While the article sounded harmless enough, I was surprised, to say the least, by what I read. Let me

Turning Relationships into Sales

Recently, I read an article on the Harvard Business Review concerning sales. The subject was how to turn relationships into sales. Being in a role in which I assist insurance carriers and agencies as they drive down costs and improve upon customer service retention, I thought back on numerous conversations I have had with agency