Customer Spotlight: Southwest Florida Branch

Hello! And welcome to your bi-monthly edition of the Joe Taylor Restoration Newsletter. This edition will be our first customer spotlight, where we will share a brief testimonial given to us by a homeowner who benefited from our services. This testimonial comes to us from Southwest Florida, and highlights one of our awesome team members at that branch, Rafael Da

Employee Spotlight: Anthony Yorke, Delray Beach Office

Today is the day! We are so pleased to be sending out the first ever Employee Spotlight newsletter. As stated in a previous post, once per month, we will highlight one of our amazing team members who makes the magic happen here at Joe Taylor Restoration. This month, we are thrilled to share Anthony Yorke

Upcoming Newsletters and Core Values

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! We are excited to share with you a couple new newsletters we will be doing. First will be an employee spotlight: every month we will highlight one of our amazing team members who make the magic happen here at Joe Taylor Restoration. The second will be a customer spotlight: where we will share a

What’s Your Personal Brand?

We live in an ever increasingly connected world, where work-life balance is more off balance than balanced, and the line between the personal and professional is forever blurred. And because this is our world, it is imperative that individuals step back and consider a few things- namely your personal brand. Social media has become both

The End…Or Is It?

It’s almost the end of 2016- can you believe it?! As we all start to wrap up the year, it’s important to keep in mind that, while the end is near, we still have a month to go! I watch a lot of people coast through December, their minds only on January, thinking: “I’ll do