Commercial Water Damage- Boca Raton Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plants exist in almost every municipality across the country and specialize in exactly what their name suggests- water treatment. These plants ensure that the water we use is safe to cook with, commerical water damagebathe in, drink, and generally use as needed. One wouldn’t necessarily think of a water treatment plant as a place that would need help with water. After all, water is their specialty. But when we’re not talking about literally testing the waters, but instead, about water invading a water treatment building because of a plumbing incident, suddenly the water treatment plant is in need of help not just with water, but with commercial water damage.

Commercial water damage is a major undertaking for restoration companies. It requires vast amounts of equipment, manpower, time, and expertise to get the job done right and in a timely manner. So that, in this case, the employees at the water treatment plant didn’t find themselves relocated indefinitely, simply treading water, but instead, were back in their offices and labs quickly, the whole experience like water off a duck’s back.

Ok no more water idioms. It’s just too tempting with commercial water damage at a water treatment plant.

The unfortunate reality of the situation at the Boca Raton Water Treatment Plant was that the plumbing incident occurred in a lab on the third floor. That meant that water cascaded downward and affected not only the third floor, but also the second and first. The result was that six offices, two hallways, and the document control center on the second floor, and nine offices, hallway, document control center, elevator equipment room, and the lobby on the first floor were all affected. Yikes. Needless to say, this was a major commercial water damage job. And with something as important as the plant’s ability to maintain the city’s clean water at stake, Joe Taylor Restoration had to get it right.

And, of course, we did. As expected, it required a tremendous amount of certified technicians who utilized the latest and greatest in restoration technology, took inventories of damaged materials, commercial water damage -collected detailed moisture readings, performed continuous visual and thermal inspections, positioned and repositioned specific equipment and instruments, removed unsalvageable materials, and completed specialized cleaning and restoration. In the end, the building was deemed dry and even those employees who suffer from serious health concerns were allowed to return to their offices.

Commercial water damage is a serious issue for a business entity no matter the size, and a major undertaking for a restoration company. Make sure the company you hire for your commercial water damage restoration is up to the task. Contact Joe Taylor Restoration to return your company to its previously healthy state and to ensure a job well done.