Commercial Water Damage Clean Up

commercial water damage clean upOnce again, Joe Taylor Restoration has saved the day and done an expert job with commercial water damage clean up! The building in peril this time was a multi-level condo project that was on the verge of completion. The builders were preparing for inspections, just days away from getting their Certificate of Occupancy for the building, and they did not want the water event to delay their timeline. They also did not want to spend more money replacing wet materials that could be salvaged.

Enter, Joe Taylor Restoration. Upon arrival, our technicians observed that this water event was truly quite an event. Reportedly, the loss was a kitchen faucet leak in one of the units. And that one little leak resulted in standing water or elevated moisture levels on 6 floors and in 31 condos! Not to mention the substantial amount of standing water that was discovered in the hallways.

A job this large would normally take a substantial amount of equipment and a minimum of 5 to 7 days to dry. However, because of the construction timeline and upcoming inspections, the builders requested that the entire structure be dried in 3 to 4 days! Impossible you say? Not when Joe Taylor Restoration is doing the commercial water damage clean up.

commercial water damage clean upJTR promised to do everything in our power to have the building returned to pre-loss condition ASAP. We immediately employed additional equipment and man power to get the job done faster. During the dry down, all affected areas were continuously inspected, and our equipment was constantly positioned and re-positioned to promote airflow to specific affected areas, creating maximum drying efficiency.

The result? A complete commercial water damage clean up done in just 4 days!! At the end of which, JTR was able to confirm the following:

1. The affected areas were, in fact, returned to a pre-loss condition- the moisture condition of the building before the loss occurred.

2. The extremely high levels of moisture located in the affected areas were successfully reduced to no-risk levels.

3. The current moisture level in the affected areas would not support active microbial growth as a result of this water loss.

A third party industrial hygienist also provided a detailed report on all the affected areas, and confirmed a pre-loss condition had been reached. All parties involved were in agreement, and the builders were thrilled that they had not lost time and additional money on replacement materials.

If you are the owner of a business and a water loss occurs on your property, whether it happens during or after construction is complete, while the building is inhabited or not, contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We are experts at commercial water damage clean up and will see to it that your building is returned to it pre-loss condition ASAP.