Commercial Water Restoration in Miami, Florida

We all know that water naturally flows, and when given the chance, it seeps and saturates and travels downward. So if the sprinkler system in a high rise building malfunctions on the 30th floor, depending on just how much water leaks, floors 1 through 30 can all be affected.commercial water restoration

Unfortunately, that’s just what happened in a large building in Miami, Florida. Late July brought an enormous need for commercial water restoration when the 29th floor of the building flooded and water poured down the walls, permeating drywall, floors, and various contents all the way down to the 6th floor.

Joe Taylor Restoration, specializing in commercial water restoration, quickly responded to the after hours call. The technicians did a thorough moisture inspection using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to determine all the affected areas. Wet insulation was removed from much of the building and all affected baseboards were removed, including tile baseboards in several areas so as to expedite the drying process.commercial water restoration.

In addition to the immense amount of regular drying equipment deployed to address the situation, wall cavity drying systems were also installed from the 29th floor down to the 9th floor. The job was monitored daily until this Class 3 top down loss was restored, and the extraordinary amount of water that affected the structure was completely removed.

When a business entity of any size is in need of commercial water restoration, it is a serious matter, and a major undertaking for a restoration company. The company employed to do the commercial water restoration must be up to the task. Let Joe Taylor Restoration, an expert in commercial water restoration, return your business to its previously productive state, and restore your peace of mind in the process.