Complete Water Damage Drying- Delray Beach, Florida

At Joe Taylor Restoration, we love what we do in large part because we get to help people, often in some of the most frustrating of circumstances. Recently, a property owner in Delray Beach, Florida was faced with an extremely irritating situation, and we were able to provide her with complete water damage drying.

The call came in after hours for emergency water damage restoration due to a hot water heater that was left leaking for far too long. This particular property in Delray Beach was a rental property, a condo that was temporarily vacant as the owner is seeking to sell it. Luckily, a neighbor noticed that there was water coming out the front door and contacted the condo owner immediately. However, by the time the water was shut off, the condo had been almost entirely flooded.

This type of situation would be upsetting for any property owner, but in this case, it was even worse, due to the fact that the owner had recently put in all new flooring in the hopes of selling it. Therefore, Joe Taylor Restoration had a tall order- complete water damage drying. The condo owner wanted us to try our very best to save the soaked vinyl flooring and cabinet toe kicks in the kitchen, the carpet in the affected rooms, and the baseboards wherever possible. Her thought was that if she didn’t have to replace everything, she could get it back on the market sooner and sell it in a more timely manner.

In many cases, saving soaked materials would be an impossibility. However, because this condo was uninhabited and we could run the required equipment constantly in high heat, we were able to deliver on the complete water damage drying, and save all the affected materials. The property owner was able to get the condo back on the market in a timely manner, thrilled with a job well done.

We, at Joe Taylor Restoration, love to help our customers, and gladly accept challenging situations, knowing we will do our very best to deliver. The property owner in Delray Beach was incredibly grateful for our efforts and the outcome. If you find yourself in need of water damage drying, don’t hesitate. Call us and let us prove to you that we will do everything in our power to pull through for our customers.