Customer Spotlight: Delray Beach, Florida- Kitchen Leak

kitchen leakThis month’s Customer Spotlight: Delray Beach, Florida is extra special because it highlights the wonderful relationships Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) has with amazing insurance agents all across the state.

This particular agent, Danielle, has referred business to our company for many years, and finally had the rather unfortunate experience of having to use our water damage restoration services herself when a kitchen leak occurred in her home:

For context, I’ve referred business to Joe Taylor Restoration for 10+ years being in the insurance business. I’ve never had to use themself but they were my first and only thought when I had a water leak in my downstairs kitchen.

Here’s the play by play so you know what to expect: It was on a Sunday morning…literally the worst day for anyone to have to deal with this, JTR included. I called and spoke to dispatch who immediately assigned and transferred my call to Steven. Steven promised to be out within 90 minutes. Remember, this is a Sunday morning so I was shocked it was happening that quickly. Steven checked in 30 minutes out to tell me we were still on schedule. I was already waiting and he didn’t have to do this, but it was nice.

When Steven arrived, he immediately got to work surveying my upstairs and downstairs… anywhere that could possibly be causing the issue and/or where water could be coming from/going to. He used all his fancy equipment and informed me on the status before moving to another area (which I appreciated because I wasn’t overloaded with information all at once).

We then talked about the game plan, where equipment needed to go, for how long (approximately), and the cost. I was clear that I wasn’t sure if this would be going through insurance because the FL market is so volatile right now, and he understood and did his best to make the price digestible.

Once all the equipment was setup (and yes, it’s loud and annoying, but it’s the nature of the beast if you want to mitigate further damage), Steven left me to my own devices for the day. Listen, as much as you want to turn these machines off, DON’T DO IT! They work.

Anyway, Steven came back the next day to check on everything and then he came out every other day following until it was time to bid them goodbye. It was glorious day to get my house back and I was assured the moisture level was back to normal.

Thank you Joe Taylor Restoration and a special thanks to Steven who made a terrible situation tolerable and easy to navigate! I will always continue to refer you to my customers and for my personal needs…though, I also hope to never see you again! 😅

We hope you don’t have to use our services again too, Danielle! Whether it’s a kitchen leak or another source, water damage can be totally overwhelming and frustrating. But we’re so glad we could be there for you, turning a difficult situation into a much better one and a fully restored property.

We love our partnerships with so many awesome insurance agents, like Danielle. If you or one of your customers are in need of water, fire, mold or biohazard damage restoration services, do not hesitate to contact us! Let Joe Taylor Restoration show you what an unmatched service experience is all about.