Customer Spotlight: Fort Myers, Florida

spotlight fort myersAs November comes to a close, we at Joe Taylor Restoration hope that you and your loved ones had a very happy Thanksgiving, filled with fun, and free from frustrations like water damage.

In this Customer Spotlight: Fort Myers, Florida, we focus on a customer, Barbara, who had to deal with water damage in her home, not one, but two times in a few years.

While we would never wish this kind of headache on anyone, we were so happy to be able to help Barbara with her property damage in both cases. We are always thrilled when a customer is so pleased with our services that they refer us to friends and family, and/or call us a second time should the need arise.

I had the misfortune of flooding in my house twice in 3 years, and Joe Taylor Restoration came within two hours each time and dried out my house.

I was so lucky to have Jaquob Proctor come with top notch fans and dehumidifiers. He did an incredible job of positioning equipment and checking all walls for water, while calming me and assuring me all would be fine.

Follow-up was thorough and all equipment was not removed until every wall and cabinet was completely dry.

My interaction with the employees of this company was a stellar experience from the people that took my initial calls, to Jaquob who brought the equipment, to the woman in the billing department. This company is doing EVERYTHING right! They are truly the best!

In the above Customer Spotlight: Fort Myers review, Barbara commented on almost every aspect of our business:

  • quick response time
  • excellent equipment
  • the expertise of our technicians
  • our abilty to bring a sense of calm in a difficult situation
  • thorough job practices and follow-up
  • positive interactions with our stellar employees in every department 

Thank you, Barbara, for a wonderful, thorough review of the two positive experiences you had with us! We hope you don’t have to deal with water damage in your home again, but if you do, don’t hesitate to call us.

Should the need arise for mold, fire, water or biohazard restoration services, Joe Taylor Restoration would love to help! It is our goal to provide each of our customers, like Barbara, with the very best in customer service and a job well done every time.