Customer Spotlight: Port Charlotte, Florida- Copper Plumbing Leaks

copper plumbing leaksIn this September Customer Spotlight: Port Charlotte, Florida, we discuss copper plumbing leaks and water damage. Copper piping has a well-earned reputation for quality and longevity. Strong and lightweight, it’s often viewed as a problem-free piping material for indoor water distribution.

However, while copper is corrosion-resistant, it can still break down over time—particularly if you live in an area with mineral-heavy water. This breakdown often results in pinhole leaks, something unique to copper piping. And unfortunately, these tiny holes, and other leaks, that develop over time can be a sign of systematic plumbing failure.

Such was the case for Debbie recently in Port Charlotte, Florida. She discovered copper plumbing leaks in her older home that resulted in water damage. Fortunately, Joe Taylor Restoration(JTR) was ready to help.

The copper water pipes in my older home had developed leaks that I discovered after hours, & upon calling my insurance company Clau was sent to my home to start the drying process. He arrived within an hour & 1/2 of my call to the insurance co, and started the drying process immediately! He was very kind & professional, & I highly recommend Clau Aquino with as many stars as the reviews will let me leave!

In this case, Debbie discovered her copper plumbing leaks, and Joe Taylor Restoration was able to address the water damage before the problem became more serious.

In an effort to help you do the same, the following are:

Indicators of Copper Plumbing Leaks

  1. Check for stains and irregularities on the outside of pipes – Copper pipes can become bulging in areas, change color to blueish-green, black or greenish- brown, turn soft over time, or have a musty and moldy smell. These are all clear signs of leaks and/ or decaying piping that need to be repaired or replaced ASAP.
  2. Higher water bill – if your monthly water bill is higher than normal – that’s a sign that there’s a problem somewhere in your plumbing system and it could be a leaky pipe.
  3. Check your water meter – simply make sure that there’s no water running in your home and then check your water meter. If it’s running, then there’s a leaks somewhere in your plumbing system.
  4. Very green areas in your lawn – if you look out at your lawn and notice that there are patches of very green grass, that’s a sign that there may be a problem with a leaky pipe under that area (or an issue with your septic system if you have one on your property).
  5. Check your appliances – it’s a good idea to check for puddles of water around your hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator etc. to make sure there are no water leaks coming from these appliances.
  6. Low To No Water Pressure – this is a frustrating issue that can be caused by any number of problems, including failing pipes.
  7. Ceiling / Wall Damage – if you notice stains on your ceiling or your walls, or wallpaper or paint that is peeling in certain spots – this may be a sign that you have a pipe leaks somewhere.

Of course, the best way to know if there are copper plumbing leaks is a plumbing inspection, but the above can also indicate that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

We are thrilled that Debbie had a great experience with JTR and our team throughout the water damage restoration process! If you or someone you know is in need of waterfiremold or biohazard restoration services, don’t hesitate to contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We will see to it that your property is restored and that you have the very best service experience along the way.