Customer Spotlight: Tampa, Florida

property owners peace of mindThis month’s Customer Spotlight: Tampa, Florida points out some of Joe Taylor Restoration‘s (JTR) great strengths- our team members’ ability to explain things well and give property owners peace of mind. 

Maddie, a property owner in Tampa, was stressed and overwhelmed dealing with, not only water, but also mold damage. After contacting her insurance company, who referred JTR, she soon found herself in a much better state of mind, thanks to JTR’s “A+++ team.”

I had floor damage due to a water leak and as soon as I reported this to my insurance company, Joe Taylor Restoration’s team came right away

Geoff, who assessed the damage, was very thorough and he answered all of my questions in a timely manner.

My favorite team, who really gave me peace of mind throughout a rather stressful situation, was Josie and Mike! Josie and Mike did the mold remediation from start to finish. They were always on time and absolutely respectful of my space. They explained the entire process to me in layman’s terms. Josie’s sunny personality made me less stressed out.

Mike and Josie really work great together. They were mindful of the noise as well. They cleaned up really well and they setup containment in a very organized and professional manner.

They were in my house three times and I would have them again! They are my besties! I would definitely recommend Joe Taylor Restoration, especially team Josie and Mike for being such an A+++ team!!

This is exactly what JTR is aiming for on every job. We are so glad we were able to provide Maddie with an unmatched service experience in every way. 

If you or your customers are in need of water, fire, mold or biohazard restoration services, contact Joe Taylor Restoration right away. We will do the job with excellence, giving property owners peace of mind in the process.