Customer Spotlight: West Palm Beach, Florida

mold in your houseWe are quickly marching through March, so before it’s gone, Joe Taylor Restoration is bringing you this month’s Customer Spotlight: West Palm Beach, Florida. In this spotlight, one of our customers, Steve, focuses on something that can be quite overwhelming and frustrating for any property owner- mold damage.

Finding out you have mold in your house is distressing, to say the least. The insurance adjusters, leak detectors and others that begin to invade your home can make life uncomfortable. When you are finally told you need to hire a company to come and rip out walls and run large machines for days, you wonder how much worse things can get.

And then I found these guys. Every single Joe Taylor Restoration employee (and there were many!) that came to my home over the course of the time it took to rid us of our mold problem was beyond courteous, helpful, efficient and friendly. They seemed genuinely concerned about our situation and consistently tried to alleviate our worries.

Too often I’ve encountered, as I’m sure many of you have as well, people who don’t love what they do- seem jaded and blasé about having to come to your house and do actual work. These guys were the complete opposite of that. I kept asking them if Taylor was overpaying them in order to keep such a high quality level of workers. And they all responded that they loved working for the company, and it didn’t seem like they were just giving me a line.

If you have a mess, call these guys. I really can’t imagine any other company that can turn around a terrible problem like mold remediation any better than Joe Taylor Restoration.

Thanks, Steve, for such an awesome review!

If you have mold in your house or business, or if you or one of your customers are dealing with water, fire, or biohazard damage, look no further than Joe Taylor Restoration. We are licensed, insured, IICRC certified, and have 20 years of experience in all manner of property restoration. In addition, we put our customers first, working hard to provide an unmatched service experience every time.