Debunking Industry Rumors Concerning Claims

While reading up on the latest industry news, I come across some interesting articles and websites. One article titled Insurance Agents Don’t Get Paid to Handle Claims – They Only Get Paid to Sell You Policies. While the article sounded harmless enough, I was surprised, to say the least, by what I read. Let me fill you in on the dirty details.

The article was written by a local public adjuster who states that insurance agents get paid to prevent homeowners from filing claims. For the sake of total clarity, let me correct my last sentence. The public adjuster does not make that statement exactly. What he actually states, undoubtedly with a smug smile, is “according to industry rumors, some insurance agents actually get paid a bonus to prevent you from making a claim.” The not so funny thing though is that the rumors he speaks of are being perpetuated by him. These rumors are misrepresenting the facts, but he is hoping to capitalize on these misrepresentations by speaking for your homeowners in suits against you and insurance carriers. I guess if you qualify a statement with “according to rumors” anything can be said regardless of the facts.

This raised a question in my mind, “In this ever increasing litigious society, what can you, the agent, do to assist homeowners with legitimate claims and protect your current book of business at the same time?” The answer is quite simple, GET INVOLVED!  The most important thing you can do is show the homeowner you care by referring out a legitimate, reputable, preferred vendor who has been vetted by the insurance carrier and has everyone’s best interest in mind. Not getting involved only hurts you; if the homeowner does not feel protected and taken care of then they may find representation against the “big, bad insurance carrier,” which includes you, the agent. Often times the homeowner is looking for a helping hand, someone to show compassion and understanding while assisting them with their troubles; which often times does not turn out to be claims. “Issues” turn to claims when the agent is uninvolved and simply points the homeowner in the direction of the insurance carrier’s 1-800, which typically connects them to the claims department.

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