Electrical Fire- Palm Bay, Florida

electrical fireJoe Taylor Restoration is privileged to provide homeowners with fire damage restoration services following fires of all sorts in all kinds of scenarios. Often, however, the type is an electrical fire that causes not only fire damage, but ash and soot damage as well.

Such was the case recently for a homeowner in Palm Bay, Florida. A problem in the clothes dryer’s electrical system caused a short in the wiring and produced a spark that, unfortunately, resulted in an electrical fire. Thankfully, the dryer was in the garage, so the electrical fire did not destroy the entire home. However, it did cause massive soot damage all throughout the residence.

In order to help avoid this kind of electrical fire, it is very important to Use the Correct Plug & Outlet for the Dryer:

Accurate grounding of dryers is essential to proper functioning. Verify that you are using the correct electrical plug and outlet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A good way to ensure that you are doing this is by having a licensed professional install your dryer unit for you.

Be sure to double-check all connections regularly and observe any changes. Immediately discontinue use if anything looks wrong, loose or discolored. Overloaded electrical sockets often result in tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses, which may lead to a house fire.

For more information, and further electrical safety tips please refer to https://www.nfpa.org

If you do have the misfortune of experiencing a fire in your home or business as a result of an electrical malfunction or some other source, call Joe Taylor Restoration.

As with the home in Palm Bay, we will remove what is necessary, provide specialized cleaning to get rid of soot residue, and clear the structure of smoky or other fire-related odor, restoring both the building and the air quality. The Palm Bay homeowner was very thankful that he contacted Joe Taylor Restoration for fire damage restoration. In the end, his home was restored and so was his peace of mind.