For over 20 years, Joe Taylor Restoration has proudly been the go-to solution for homeowners across Florida. Whenever they called requesting our home restoration services, our experts were immediately on the scene. It didn’t matter if they needed water damage restoration, fire restoration, mold removal services, or even biohazard waste removal. Joe Taylor Restoration was there on the spot. We’re proud of our capabilities to bring your home to its original state and believe we can handle any home restoration job that someone requires of us. While people may have an idea of what home restoration is, they aren’t sure why they would ever need it.

Emergency Home Restoration in Boca Raton

As homeowners, we do our absolute best to maintain our house. We update it with new furnishings, mow the lawn, replace old wiring, etc. We love our house more than anything and want nothing more than to ensure that we’re able to live in it for as long as we live. Unfortunately, some things are completely out of our control, such as the weather. As Floridians, we’re no strangers to the harsh hurricanes that blow in every Summer. Ravenous winds and heavy downpours cause massive damage in the wake of its path. This can cause massive damage to homes in the immediate and in the future, thanks to mold growth. No home is fireproof, as kitchen fires ravage homes, along with blown transformers. Your house is susceptible to damage, no matter how hard you defend it.

Your heart sinks as you watch the water flow in and around your belongings. Just when all hope is lost, Joe Taylor Restoration is there to save the day. After calling us, we’ll dispatch a team of home restoration experts who will arrive at your home within two hours. Once on the scene, our team will perform on-site analysis of the damage and current situation before administering any solution. Once the problem and solution have been identified, we get our equipment and begin our process. We do our absolute best to restore your home back to its original standing so you can get back to living life. While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to salvage your belongings, we will do our best to maintain their original integrity. If damaged beyond saving, we’ll help you through the insurance claim process so that you receive a fair amount to replace everything lost.

Services Offered

Emergency Damage Cleanup and Repair Services
When disaster hits in your home, you need someone you can trust. When you have an emergency, let the Emergency Services professionals help. They have lots of experience with floods, fires, and mold restoration. Each day they handle big and small situations. If your property is ruined by fire or water, our Boca Raton team of professionals has your back.

Fire Damage and Smoke Damage

A fire can occur because of a grease fire on your stove or in the oven, overloaded electrical circuits, or even a fallen power line that hits your home. The possibilities are seemingly endless, but the fire damage and smoke damage in your home or property are very real when a fire does happen. We’ve helped to restore countless houses from terrible Palm Beach County fires and are ready to help even more people in getting their beloved property to its original state.

Flood Damage and Water Damage

It is true that water damage and flood damage come in many various forms. You can have water damage from a powerful hurricane that tears off your roof that causes water to stream down into your home that damages it and your possessions, or you can even have a leaking toilet on a second floor that floods the floor below it. The possibilities are endless seemingly. And when it comes to water damage Boca Raton, being in such close proximity to the ocean, has seen many unfortunate natural floods and hurricanes. That’s where flood repair services come to the rescue.

Mold Damage

Mold is a destructive and damaging force that can not only ruin your home but could damage your health. It is serious and should always be handled by a mold testing professional. They can find hidden mold, measure the air quality in your home or business, and identify the types of mold in your home. We offer free mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, mold repair, mold remediation, and mold damage repair. Our mold removal Boca Raton based service can help you out at any time.

The Joe Taylor Restoration Guarantee

We know how hard it can be to watch everything you’ve worked for destroyed in an instant. That’s why we do what we do. The entire team here wants nothing more than to make sure you can go back to the original standard of living you’ve enjoyed prior to this disaster. We cover practically every county from Miami Dade to as north as Flagler. If your home is severely damaged and you don’t know what to do, just call Joe Taylor Restoration at (888) 814-1455.