Employee Spotlight: Jacob Begor- Headquarters

property disasterFebruary is a month for celebrating love and friendship, so Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) is showing the love for our employees with another JTR Employee Spotlight. This time, the focus is on Jacob Begor, a newer member of the water team at our Headquarters/ Southeast Florida Office.

Jacob has been with JTR for almost 6 months as a Production Team Leader, and in that time, has skillfully addressed many a property disaster and whole lot of water damage. He says, “My favorite part of my job, is the overwhelming appreciation and gratitude homeowners express when we respond to their emergency situations and essentially help them in their time of need!”

Jacob’s favorite thing about JTR is “the amazing team we have in place, from the top – down (water team pun-intended). We have a phenomenal group of talented and dedicated professionals who work together effectively to achieve and exceed our common goals.”

In order for us to get to know him better, Jacob chose three topics about which to share: Hobbies/ Interests, Favorite Food, and Favorite Movies.


My hobbies or interests include fishing, hunting, surfing, snowboarding, and my dogs. I love anything and everything outdoors. Aside from being a general adrenaline junkie, I love to spend time with my two Rottweilers (Maverick and Lucy). They are a combined total of over 225lbs of all the hugs and kisses you could ever ask for- unless you aren’t on my good side. In that case, good luck.

Favorite Foods

My favorite food probably has to be a properly smoked beef brisket, or for that matter, any large cut of quality beef that has been well taken care of. I take the grill very seriously. Don’t talk to me about propane.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movie(s) would have to be Top Gun : Maverick, or any or all of the John Wick series. Batman The Dark Knight is right there as well: “I’m NOT wearing HOCKEY PANTS!”

Thanks for sharing some about yourself, Jacob. We love your sense of humor, your great work ethic, and your desire to help customers in need.

As Jacob said, we truly do have an amazing group of professional, hard-working, compassionate people at JTR. If you or one of your customers are faced with water, fire, mold or biohazard damage, do not hesitate to contact us. Let the experts at Joe Taylor Restoration turn a potential property disaster into an unmatched service experience and a fully restored home or business.