Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke are not a problem in the right setting, liFire and Smoke Damage Restorationke a campfire or bonfire. But in the wrong setting, like inside a home or business, fire and smoke are a major problem and can cause serious and even total destruction. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the governing body providing the highest certification available in the restoration industry, recommends the following regarding fire and smoke damage restoration:

To return your residential or commercial property to its pre-loss condition requires professional restoration. This is not the job for a do-it-yourself property owner…The IICRC recommends hiring a certified restoration firm. Restoration to a property can be complex. Proper smoke and odor removal are tasks that require technicians certified in these specific areas.

When selecting a certified restoration firm several factors must be considered:

-Formal and up-to-date specialized training
-Health and safety certifications
-Experience in a wide range of restoration projects
-Proof of proper insurance and licenses

According to the IICRC, time is the main reason to have professional fire and smoke damage restoration technicians work on your home or business after a fire. These technicians know exactly what to do and can work very quickly. If corrosion control and cleaning is delayed, damage increases and restoration costs escalate. The IICRC gives the following timeline of the effects of fire and smoke on a home:

Within Minutes: Acid soot residues cause plastics to yellow; small appliances located close to the source of combustion discolor; highly porous materials (marble, alabaster) discolor permanently.

Within Hours: Acid residues stain grout in bathrooms; fiberglass bath fixtures may yellow; uncoated metals tarnish, counter tops may yellow; finishes on appliances, particularly refrigerators, may yellow; furniture finishes may discolor.

Within Days: In time, acid residues cause painted walls to yellow permanently; metal corrodes, pits and rusts; wood furniture requires refinishing; vinyl flooring requires refinishing or replace­ment; clothing becomes soot stained; upholstery stains permanently.

Within Weeks: Restoration costs escalate tremendously. Synthetic carpet fibers may yellow or discolor permanently; silver plate is corroded permanently; glass, crystal, china may require replacement due to severe etching and pitting caused by prolonged exposure to acid soot residues.

Understanding the effects of a fire can help home and business owners evaluate the damage to their property. By learning more about residue clean-up and deodorization after a fire, you can minimize the need for costly repair. Joe Taylor Restoration is a fire and smoke damage restoration company that fulfills all the requirements as recommended by the IICRC, and can help return your home or business to a “pre-loss” condition.