Fire Causes Water Damage- Hollywood, Florida

fire causes waterRecently, JoeTaylor Restoration received an after hours call from a building engineer for a condo high rise in Hollywood, Florida. He had a major problem on his hands that, unfortunately, is relatively common- a single kitchen fire causes water damage throughout many units and ends up impacting the entire condo building.

In this case, the fire had started on the 14th floor, setting off the fire sprinklers throughout the building and alerting the fire department. Between the fire sprinklers and the fire department hoses, all 14 floors of the building were thoroughly saturated, with standing water in many sections including hallways and common areas.

After a thorough moisture inspection of all 14 floors, our technicians got to work immediately extracting the standing water and deploying drying equipment. The job of appropriately placing all of the equipment was quite labor intensive for our team, as the situation required many extra large dehumidifiers and hundreds of air movers across 14 floors.

As always, our technicians were up for the challenge, and over the course of several days, saw to it that every affected area of the building that we had access to was deemed dry. Those units that were not accessible for any number of reasons were left in the capable hands of the management company to handle with the absent owners, tenants, vacationers and the like.

When a fire causes water damage, especially in a large condo or office building, the results can be disastrous. Joe Taylor Restoration is very well versed in all kinds of fire damage and water damage and is ready to respond to your restoration emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you find yourself with property damage of any kind, contact Joe Taylor Restoration.