Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Most of us are fascinated by fire. Whether sitting beside a campfire or in front of a fireplace, many of us could stare at the flames for hours. We find it interesting, hypnotizing, cozy and desirable. However, for all the pleasure a fire brings, it carries an equal amount of danger that the majority of us do not take seriously enough.

fire damage cleanup

Recently, Joe Taylor Restoration was called out to do fire damage cleanup on a severe case of residential fire and smoke damage. When the homeowner began cooking that September evening, he had no idea that something he did on a nightly basis would result in the total loss of his kitchen, his dining room, the floor throughout the house, a large amount of drywall, and most of the ceiling. But that is exactly what happened.

When there is a small home fire, the damage can be extensive not only because of the fire itself, but because of the smoke and soot that affects everything from furniture to walls to light fixtures. But when a kitchen fire or any other type of fire gets out of control, as in the recent case in Coral Springs, FL, proper fire damage cleanup is a necessity. Remediation includes containment of the burned area, removal of much of the building materials down to the foundational structure, and a thorough cleaning to rid the home of soot and ash.

Joe Taylor Restoration employed all of the above expertise in the recent critical fire damage cleanup situation. Special technology, such as HEPA filtration with charcoal filters, Vapor Sharks, and Hydroxyl Generators, was also used to “wash” the air- ridding it of odor and other contaminates and restoring the air quality inside the building.

Fortunately for the homeowner in this case, his home was not a total loss. However, with the removal difficulty presented by his marred flooring, fire damage cleanup and restoration took almost seven weeks, and he will likely not have his home back to what it was for another year.

Fires can be enjoyable, but fire damage can be frightening, devastating, and frustrating. By employing the best and most experienced in fire damage cleanup, the situation can be more bearable and less overwhelming. Joe Taylor Restoration is the best choice for fire restoration service in Florida.