Fire Damage- Homestead, Florida

fire damageBeing that rental properties are so common throughout our coverage area, Joe Taylor Restoration is contacted regularly regarding every kind of restoration work in rental properties. Unfortunately, for the renter and the property owner, that sometimes includes dealing with fire damage.

A tenant renting a home in Homestead, Florida, was shocked and frightened when she was cooking and the kitchen caught fire. She stated that a simple spark turned into a blaze that quickly got out of control. Fortunately, the fire was contained to the kitchen, but the resulting fire damage included smoke and a strong odor throughout the home, as well as heavy soot in the kitchen and the surrounding areas.

The tenant called her landlord immediately, who in turn called his insurance company. The insurance company, knowing our expertise in fire damage restoration, called on us to take care of the situation. Our technicians moved in quickly with air scrubbers, a hydroxyl generator, and supplies specific to ridding a home of fire damage, soot, and ash. The job was completed relatively quickly, and the home was restored to a clean and livable state.

Fortunately, the renter in this case had renter’s insurance, as any damaged furniture, clothing, and other personal effects were her responsibility. Because we see this type of situation quite often with not only fire, but also water, and mold damage, we definitely see the benefit of renters having renter’s insurance.

Though in this type of scenario any damage to the structure of the property would, of course, be the responsibility of the property owner, the renter’s personal effects would not covered. And without renter’s insurance, the renter would have to pay out of pocket if any or all furniture, clothing, etc. were ruined as a result of a water, fire or mold related disaster and needed to be replaced.

If you are a renter that has questions about renter’s insurance, please contact your insurance agent or carrier. But if you should you find yourself faced with a property emergency, whether as a renter or as a property owner, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Joe Taylor Restoration. As the preferred vendor for over 60 insurance carriers in Florida, we will provide efficient assistance with the insurance claims process and restore the property to its original state, rendering peace of mind to all parties involved.