Fire Damage Restoration in Hialeah, Florida

When fire fighters expertly extinguished a house fire in Hialeah, Florida recently, they left behind two tell tale signs of their presence- a lot of water and some white powder. Water was used in the kitchen, where the fire originated, and white powder was left where dry chemical fire extinguishers were used to put out smaller blazes. But it was the fire itself that left behind the most extensive problems- ash, smoke damage, soot, and of course, charred cabinets and the like, leaving this home in a terrible state. Enter, Joe Taylor Restoration.

This particular home in Hialeah experienced all possible affects of a fire that started on the stove. Though the fire was mainly contained to the kitchen, every single room in the home was affected by the aftermath of the fire- especially soot and smoke damage. An extensive scope was drafted by Joe Taylor Restoration, detailing the cleaning and restoration of the foyer, lower stairs and four rooms on the first floor, as well as the upper stairs, the landing hallway, and five rooms on the second floor. A large amount of equipment was used including, air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, and air movers. Even the ducts and the air handler had to be completely cleaned in order to rid the home of debris particles and the odor left behind by the fire.

In the end, however, all was restored. The water, white powder, soot, and smoke damage were all eliminated from the home, and the homeowners could focus on rebuilding what was lost. A house fire brings a lot of destruction, not to mention potential for great fear and grief. Let Joe Taylor Restoration walk you through the fire damage restoration process and return peace of mind to you and your family.