Five Steps of Fire Damage Restoration

five steps of fireAs of late, our weekly blog posts have been focused on fire damage, as well as the other types of property damage that can result from a fire. This week, we will continue our focus on fire damage, but this time, zero in on the job of restoration experts and the five steps of fire damage restoration:

  1. Remove all damaged components. If there are any unsafe components that cannot be restored, they should be removed from the home or property. Taking shortcuts here can cause these problems to worsen in the long run.
  2. Remove flooring. To prevent the collection of soot, dust, and other harmful elements, remove any floor coverings that could promote an unhealthy or unsafe environment.
  3. Evaluate the structural framing. It’s important to be sure that all unseen parts of the house, such as framing and subfloor material, are up to safety standards.
  4. Treat for odor and contamination. If the structure’s framing can be saved, treat it with odor counteractants that ensure no microbial contamination is present.
  5. Remove or restore the HVAC system.  This is a critical step that will ensure no harmful particles spread through the air, causing future health problems.

The above five steps of fire damage restoration are general guidelines that may vary depending on the type and severity of the property fire. At Joe Taylor Restoration, careful assessment allows us to determine the extent of the damage. Our technicians are fully trained to handle fire damage restoration under all circumstances. Utilizing the latest technology, we assess the fire damageThen, we get to work immediately on the fire damage restoration process that is appropriate to the kind of fire that occurred. 

If you find yourself faced with a property fire, do not hesitate to contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We will utilize the five steps of fire damage restoration and more, doing all we can to make sure your home or business is restored to its previous condition.