Focus: Helpful Tips from JTR

focusLately, I have noticed that it is extraordinarily difficult to focus on singular tasks. The ever increasing “noise” of the world around me becomes louder and louder and my intent to focus is constantly challenged.

Social media, texts, emails, phone calls, etc. are relentless in their pursuit of distracting me from the real work that must take place to achieve the goals that I have set for myself. This has become even more intense lately as the chaos of the current climate cries for my attention at every turn- telling me how I should feel, what I should think, and what I should do.

While this grab for attention is not new, the gravity at which it pulls now is becoming more powerful with each passing day. I have made a conscious decision not to allow this “noise” to deter me from the tasks at hand, to fight back against the shouts that want to pull me away from accomplishing and achieving.

Here is what I have realized over the past few months:

1. Distractions are EVERYWHERE all the time, trying to prevent us from spending quality time with our wife/husband/spouse, children, family and friends.

2. Distractions prevent us from accomplishing our goals.

3. We need to consciously fight for our time: If we are not intentional with our time, someone else will be.

4. We must have written goals along with action plans so that we know what we should be doing at any given time: Goals give us a framework for who we want to be/become or accomplish.

Although the above are perhaps not new revelations, they serve as reminders for me that living a successful life requires intentionality. Hopefully, this also helps you to gain a bit more focus and achieve your goals!

Aaron Getty
Vice President, Joe Taylor Restoration


For 20 years, Joe Taylor Restoration has provided comprehensive emergency restoration services, including water, fire, mold and biohazard remediation, and is currently serving as the preferred vendor for over 65 insurance carriers in Florida.