How to Deal with Water Damage

There will be a point when most homeowners will deal with some sort of water intrusion in their home. The more common causes are: broken pipes in walls, toilet overflow, hot water heater failure, washing machine malfunction, dishwasher glitch, or water entering the structure from the outside. Given the fact that we live in beautiful Florida, one typically thinks of rain and hurricanes as the main reason for water losses. However, the reality is that most instances occur as a result of normal, everyday mishaps. And what we most often find is that homeowners feel capable of cleaning up the water, and do not feel the need to call in a professional.
Why call in a professional?
Unfortunately, because water seems harmless enough, especially if there are not thousands of gallons of it, most homeowners feel adequately prepared to clean up the mess. Wielding a shopvac and a hairdryer, the unsuspecting homeowner goes about sucking up the water they can see, and then proceeds to dry the areas they deem to be wet. “So what is the problem with that?” you may ask. The answer is quite simple: we are not worried about the water you can see. It is the water you can’t see that worries us. Water that seeps into the wall voids or under the flooring that is not addressed will undoubtedly cause significantly more damage and may lead to mold down the road. Our recommendation is to ALWAYS contact a professional to assess the damage and provide direction. Joe Taylor Restoration provides FREE estimates to homeowners who have suffered a water, fire, mold or biohazard related loss.
What should I do if I experience a water loss?
If you happen to experience a water loss, and the cause is a supply line or the cause is unknown, the first thing you need to do is shut off the water to your home. If you happen to have water coming in from the outside, you need to do your best to stop that from occurring. Next, call Joe Taylor Restoration to come out, assess the damage and provide direction as to how to dry your home. All this should take place IMMEDIATELY after discovering there is a problem, the absolute worst thing you can do is wait.
Why Joe Taylor Restoration?
Joe Taylor Restoration is the preferred vendor for over 40 insurance carriers and has been successfully serving homeowners in Florida for over a decade. We provide FREE estimates and will respond to all emergency situations within 2 hours. Joe Taylor Restoration is properly licensed, insured and has pre-negotiated pricing set with all insurance carriers, ensuring you get the fairest price possible. We also work hand-in-hand with hundreds of insurance agents across the Florida market, fortifying their trust and business each and every day.
Call Joe Taylor Restoration today if you are experiencing a water, fire, mold or biohazard related loss in your home or business: 888-353-3139 or 954-784-2070. 
-Written by Aaron Getty