Kitchen Mold Removal- Sarasota, Florida

kitchen mold removalKitchen plumbing leaks happen often, which equal water damage. And, unfortunately, if water damage is not effectively addressed, mold and the need for kitchen mold removal quickly follows, especially in Florida.

Such was the case recently for a Sarasota resident. He suspected mold after a supply line made a mess of his kitchen. So, he contacted a licensed mold assessor to test the air quality of his home. And sure enough, mold was present, and a lot of it.

The company gave the homeowner a complete mold remediation protocol detailing the work required for effective kitchen mold removal. However, according to the report, the mold was not confined to the kitchen. It had spread to the living room and garage as well. Now, the homeowner was totally overwhelmed.

Enter, Joe Taylor Restoration. The homeowner called us to handle the extensive mold in his home that had already begun to impact his wife’s allergies. He was concerned that the mold would spread further, that the air quality of his home would be forever compromised, that the process required to remove the mold would further exacerbate his wife’s allergies, and possibly compromise his own health as well.

Our technicians answered all his questions and assured him of our expertise in mold remediation, putting his mind at ease. And sure enough, when the job was done, the homeowner was relieved and pleased. He communicated that our staff was courteous and thorough, left each area that was impacted by the kitchen mold removal clean, and he would definitely refer our services to family and friends in the future.

If you or someone you know is in need of kitchen mold removal or mold removal in any part of your property, do not hesitate to contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We will get right to work ridding the environment of harmful airborne toxins and restore your property to its previously healthy state.