Mold Containment

mold containmentFor the average person, mold can be a tricky adversary. It is a very small, incredibly durable, micro-sized enemy, that is invisible to the naked eye as it spreads through the air. But for experts in mold remediation, like those at Joe Taylor Restoration, mold is a predictable foe and mold containment is the means necessary to bring about its defeat.

Mold is a formidable opponent. It has the ability to survive a wide range of temperatures, can withstand harsh chemical attack, thrives in large amounts of water, and has an uncanny ability to camouflage itself among the most ordinary dust. Give it a bit of food and moisture, and it will reproduce itself at phenomenal rates. In addition, mold spores and tiny fragments of the fungus can have drastic health effects when inhaled by unsuspecting human hosts.

However, mold cannot move on its own accord. It is entirely dependent on air currents to spread. Erecting mold containment and generating and directing the air flow within that containment will enable mold remediators to halt the advance of this fungal intruder and eradicate it from the affected structure.

As a property owner, it is important to be aware of the basic properties of effective mold containment. If a mold remediation company comes into your home or business and just haphazardly sets up plastic sheeting, it will not be enough to stop mold from advancing. The following are a few basic principals of mold containment:

  1. Mold containment should be placed as close to the source as possible and only be large enough to allow technicians to gain access and accomplish their work.
  2. Edges of mold containment must be thoroughly sealed with no holes or pathways for mold spores to escape.
  3. The pressure differential of mold containment must be measured and monitored using appropriate instrumentation to ensure adequate airflow management.
  4. The make-up air entering the containment must be free of both fungal particulate and general particulate. This is ensured by minimizing the volume of air and HEPA filtering it prior to entry.

With these basic principals intact, mold can be halted in its advance and successfully defeated. If you find that your home or business has been invaded by mold, do not wait, call Joe Taylor Restoration. We are experts in mold remediation and will use the appropriate mold containment to ensure that mold does not take over your property.