Mold in the Walls- Royal Palm Beach, Florida

mold in the wallsRecently, Joe Taylor Restoration had a call for mold remediation in Royal Palm Beach, Florida because of mold in the walls between the master closet and the garage and laundry area.

A pipe in the wall had begun to leak and the leak was not detected until the homeowner started to notice a musty smell in that area of the house. Upon further investigation, the homeowner began to discover that the walls were damp and there was discoloration in various areas.

He had someone out to the house to fix the leak, confirming that there was in fact mold in the walls. After the leak was fixed, he called us immediately to remediate the mold in the walls and ensure that the mold would not spread any further than it already had. As it was, mold remediation was necessary in the garage, master bedroom, master closet and the master bathroom.

Because mold loves to grow in porous material, mold in the walls is a very common issue.  But how do you know if you potentially have mold in the walls of your home or business?

Are your walls wet?

If your home or business has had a water loss, been through a flood or has been exposed to water due to a plumbing leak or the like, then it is merely a matter of time until mold takes hold in the walls. You must make sure all affected areas are completely dry in order to ensure that mold will not grow and spread. The best way to guarantee that walls and wet materials have been properly dried is to hire a licensed and insured water restoration company, like Joe Taylor Restoration.

Are there visible signs of mold?

Perform a detailed inspection of your home if you suspect mold in the walls. Be sure to look at walls behind furniture and along baseboards. Mold leaves behind clues, especially if there is enough of it. Mold can begin to discolor your walls and will eventually start to show up as visible mold growth. If there are visible signs of mold, chances are good that the drywall and even the interior of the wall has been permeated with mold and will need to be replaced.

Do you smell a “moldy” smell?

Mold tends to leave behind a distinctive smell. While the particular odor can vary with the type of mold, most people are able to identify its musty smell. People have described the smell of mold as damp and earthy, like decaying wood from a tree in the forest, or the smell of wet, dirty laundry, or the odor that often pervades an old library or other aged building.

If you smell something similar to the above or notice a new smell in your home or business, you may want to investigate a little further into the potential of mold in the walls. Don’t let your nose become accustomed to the new smell. Be sure to look into it right away.

Hard to Reach Walls?

With some walls, it may be difficult to get close enough to them to see moisture or detect an odor. If you suspect mold in hard to reach walls, like the drywall behind shower tiles, the best thing to do is contact a mold remediation company, like Joe Taylor Restoration. We will consult with certified environmental hygienists and then perform the mold remediation if necessary.

Contact Joe Taylor Restoration

No one likes the idea of sharing a home or workspace with mold. But, unfortunately, it is a reality for many property owners. Mold loves moisture, and moisture is a part of our daily lives. From leaks to floods to regular condensation, moisture is everywhere. Mold can start to grow very quickly and become difficult and expensive to remove if left unattended.

If you suspect or discover mold in the walls of your home or business, do not hesitate, contact Joe Taylor Restoration right away. Our goal is not only to get rid of the fungal intruder, but also to prevent additional damage to building materials and protect your health and the health of other inhabitants while we do so.