Mold Remediation in Central Florida

Our Central Florida office is quite busy and growing steadily with a great group of guys and gals making sure each job is done to the Joe Taylor Restoration unmatched customer service standard. Our technicians are responding to every kind of restoration emergency, but mold remediation in Central Florida has proven to be require some extra expertise as of late.

mold remediation in central florida

Our technicians responded to a home in Central Florida with a major mold problem. Upon arrival at the home, the homeowner revealed an area of her kitchen in and around the sink vanity cabinet that was covered in mold. The source- a simple pipe leak below the kitchen sink that  had gone unnoticed by the homeowner. The consistent water loss resulted in an ideal environment for mold to grow and flourish. So much so, that when the homeowner did discover the problem, it had already turned into a major one.

Putting up containment around the affected area is a typical step in any mold remediation process. However in this case, our technicians had to go one step further, building an actual containment room around the affected area with zip poles and furring strips to ensure that the rapidly growing mold did not spread any further.

Once the mold was contained, mold removal began. The technicians deployed air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, HEPA vacuums, and other specialized equipment to rid the home of toxins and protect the homeowner and her family from illness. When faced with toxic mold, it is extremely important to employ a licensed and insured mold remediation company to remove it for the health and safety of all inhabitants.

Because the homeowner was confident in our ability to provide the best in mold remediation services, she was relaxed throughout the entire process and was extremely satisfied with the results of the mold remediation in Central Florida.

Joe Taylor Restoration is not only properly licensed by the State of Florida to provide mold remediation services, but we also carry Pollution Insurance. Most mold remediation companies do not carry this type of insurance, but we feel it is necessary to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our customers. If you are faced with a mold problem, contact the best company for mold remediation in Central Florida and all of Florida- Joe Taylor Restoration.