Mold Remediation in Hollywood, Florida

mold remediationWhen the water heater bursts in a home, the amount of water that results is already a hassle to any homeowner. But when the presence of water quickly results in mold growth, the hassle becomes a huge headache. Add to the headache a preexisting respiratory condition, as with the case of a homeowner in Hollywood, Florida, and you end up with a massive migraine that can only be handled with the help of professionals.

Unfortunately for this Hollywood homeowner, the water heater leak began in the enclosing closet, then spread to the dead space between the stairwell and the water heater closet, then to the closet below the stairs, and from there to the hallway, hallway bathroom, living room, and dining room. And conditions were right in these areas that when water was introduced, rapid mold growth occurred.

Joe Taylor Restoration responded to deal with the microbial growth that had already begun to negatively impact the homeowner. A mold remediation protocol was prepared by a certified air quality testing agency, and that protocol was then followed by our trained and highly qualified technicians. Proper remediation included the removal of most of the flooring in the affected areas, and in some sections, down to the cement. Also included was the removal of toe kicks, cabinetry, wallboard etc., and the set up of containment, air scrubbers, and other equipment necessary for remediation.

This was an involved job, but in the end, the homeowner was happy, his “migraine” cured.  On his Certificate of Satisfaction he wrote, “Rich and his team went above and beyond with the work they did. They were kind and courteous. Victor was particularly kind. It has been a long time since I have witnessed a team leader like Rich. Five Stars! Highly recommend!”

If you find yourself facing a water or mold headache, the experts at Joe Taylor Restoration would be happy to provide the mold remediation relief you need.