Mold Remediation Work FAQs

mold remediation workWhen someone has a mold problem in their home or business, they often have MANY questions before we, at Joe Taylor Restoration, even start the mold remediation work. We always want our customers to feel comfortable, confident, and well informed about the process of mold removal and remediation. Therefore, we provide them with the following information; complete with mold remediation work FAQs and our answers:

How long will you be working in my home?The average turn around in normal circumstances is 7-10 days. This may be extended for various reasons in order to include: carrier approval, coverage determination, delays in testing, additional damage found during initial removal, etc.

What does the mold remediation work include? First and foremost, we establish the containment area to allow for the work to be performed while avoiding cross contamination in any non-work area within the home.

The second phase of the job will be to perform the appropriate demo required and remove the debris from the home.

The third phase will be to intricately clean the entire area of work. This may also include areas outside the containment (under certain circumstances).

After the above work is completed, it may be necessary to leave HEPA filtration air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, or other specialized equipment in place and running for additional time. This is a necessary portion of the job. If testing is being performed by an independent indoor environmental professional, scheduling is best performed by us, to alleviate prolonged delays.

Can I enter the containment area that you have constructed so I can see what you are doing? No. It is unsafe for you, and can also compromise our work environment. Contamination of our containment can alter the air quality test results and delay resolution of your claim.

Can I stay in my home while this work is in process? Depending on the extent of the remediation and areas involved, you may be able to remain in your home. We do, however, recommend that you consult your medical professional if you have any health concerns.

If I feel the equipment is too noisy at night, can I shut it off? Unfortunately, no. Turning our equipment off will slow down the air cleaning and/or dehumidification process and possibly corrupt any air quality test results.

When can I schedule a contractor for a rebuilding estimate? We do not provide reconstruction services. In most cases homeowners have contractors come in before we start or after the remediation work has been completed. Pursuant to the terms of our signed agreement with you, other contractors cannot simultaneously perform contracting services during the remediation process.

Who takes down the containment structure? We will remove the containment and equipment when we receive the passing results from the environmental hygienist. However, some homeowners like this barrier left up so that when their contractor starts rebuilding he has a built-in dust shield. In these instances, the responsibility to remove the containment falls on the reconstruction contractor or the homeowner.

Joe Taylor Restoration is fully committed to the best possible customer service. When we are working in your home, we will make every effort to answer all your questions, be respectful of your situation and your property, and complete all mold remediation work to the best of our ability. If you are in need of mold, fire, water, or biohazard restoration, let Joe Taylor Restoration serve you.