Water Damage Restoration for New Construction

new consturction water damageThere is so much new construction happening all over the state of Florida. It seems like there is a home, a high rise, or some other type of building currently being built on every piece of available land. With all that construction going on, there are bound to be jobs with some building missteps, delays and complications, like new construction water damage.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened recently with a large new construction commercial property in Florida. Joe Taylor Restoration (JTR) responded after hours to a call concerning new construction water damage. The project manager met our team onsite and walked us through the extensive loss. Our technicians noted standing water and water draining from the ceilings in multiple areas of the building.

Our team immediately got to work conducting a thorough physical inspection using several thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters. Then, based on their findings, they began extracting the standing water from all spaces using specialized equipment, such as weight-assisted rovers.

In this case, the source of the leak was located on the 4th level and subsequently affected all the levels below, making this water damage restoration extremely labor intensive. Affected areas included everything from multiple 4th floor units, hallways, closets etc. to the lobby and reception area on the first floor.

This was quite an undertaking, but JTR  and our team lead on the job, Anthony Yorke, was more than up to the task. So much so, that the customer gave us the following glowing review:

Anthony Yorke is extremely professional and great to work with. The team’s response was incredibly fast, and due to their quick work and efficient process and procedures, we were able to salvage the majority of the finishes throughout the flooded area. I would highly recommend Joe Taylor Restoration and Anthony Yorke specifically for any/all future emergency restoration needs. Thank you!

New construction water damage can be a huge headache and extremely expensive. It often pushes the completion of the project to a later date, can ruin brand new construction materials and finishes, and cause a multitude of other complications. Thankfully, JTR is well-versed in every kind of property water damage, from brand new commercial construction to bungalows that have been in the family for generations. If you are in need of waterfiremold or biohazard restoration services, look no further than the experts at Joe Taylor Restoration.