Property Damage after a Fire

property damage after a fireLast week’s blog focus was water damage that occurred in most of a condo building due to a single kitchen fire. But water damage is not the only type of property damage that results when there’s a fire. Smoke, soot and ash damage also come into play after the fire is out. But the first and foremost type of damage is, of course, caused by the fire itself, making three main types of property damage after a fire: water, smoke, and fire damage.

Water Damage: Water is not technically fire damage, but it is generally inserted into the equation due to the local fire department using powerful water hoses to put out the fire, in addition to sprinkler systems that may be triggered inside a building. Once the fire is out, all components that have been affected by water need to be removed and proper steps must be taken by restoration professionals in order to avoid problems like mold, mildew, and even wood rot in the future.

Smoke Damage: Next, we have smoke, soot, and ash damage, all of which lead to discoloration, harmful odors, and contamination in the home. The smoke can also settle into all fabrics, furniture, and possessions, leading to a thick film over everything. The process of smoke and soot damage restoration includes removal of affected contents, cleaning, and sealing of various surfaces within the property.

Fire Damage: Lastly, we have the primary source of damage- fire. The flames from even the smallest of fires can quickly create dangerous conditions, destroying cabinets, furniture, and appliances in minutes. And if the fire has time to spread, it can bring about major destruction, even compromising the structural integrity of the building itself.

The recovery process for fire damage can vary depending on the type of fire that took place, and the level of resulting water damage and smoke damage also impacting the property. Joe Taylor Restoration’s technicians are fully trained to handle fire damage restoration under all circumstances, including any level of water damage or smoke damage that may be involved. If you find yourself faced with property damage after a fire, do not hesitate to contact Joe Taylor Restoration. We will do our best to restore your property and your peace of mind.