Property Protection 2019

property protection

It’s a New Year, and with a New Year comes resolutions, reflection, taking stock in how things in life are going, and what changes can or should be made. Perhaps as a part of the deliberation, it would be beneficial to put some thought into property protection. Consider your home or other properties and what can be done to protect and preserve them both this year and for years to come.

Joe Taylor Restoration has seven simple tips to help point you in the right direction when it comes to property protection:

1. Know your shut off valves: Few people know where the emergency shut-off valves are located for gas, water, and electricity. We suggest you locate them and inform everyone in your home so they know what to do in case of an emergency.

2. Check your washer and dryer: Worn out rubber hoses in the washing machine can burst, spilling hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water on the floor. We suggest replacing the rubber hoses that are more than a few years old with steel-belted hoses. Additionally, lint can build up overtime in a dryer vent and spark a fire. A quick trip to the hardware store can reduce the risk of these common causes of fire and water damage.

3. Cut down on hoarding: Parting with personal possessions can be hard, but sometimes it’s for the better. The start to a New Year is an ideal time to say goodbye to unnecessary things in your home. The National Fire Protection Association affirms that hoarding behaviors such as keeping newspapers, clothing and other flammable items can increase the chances of experiencing a disaster in the home. Take some time to clean out closets, the basement, the attic and any other areas of the home that need to be de-cluttered.

4. Plan for security: Consider installing a home security system. However, if a monitored security system isn’t feasible, the next best thing is to give a trusted friend or neighbor a key to your home or property while you are away. Above all, keep all of the windows and garage doors closed and all entrances locked whether you are gone for days or just a few hours.

5. Check your smoke detectors: every home should have at least one smoke detector on each floor. Make sure to test the batteries twice a year, and replace the detectors that are expired. Smoke detectors last about 10 years.

6. Evaluate your homeowners insurance: planned upgrades to a home or recently finished renovations may increase the value of the home. Some changes come with additional liabilities, however, like a swimming pool. Check with your insurance agent to see if coverage increases are needed.

7. Prepare for severe weather: some parts of the country are prone to flooding, hurricanes or other natural disasters. Florida, of course, is one of those that experiences hurricanes. We suggest considering beneficial upgrades, and checking your property for any maintenance that needs to be done to help minimize damage from wind and water.

We at Joe Taylor Restoration hope that your New Year is off to a great start. But if you find yourself suddenly faced with a mold, fire, water or biohazard situation, don’t hesitate! Call us immediately for all your home restoration needs. We have been proudly serving Floridians since 2002, and we are thrilled to continue to do so with the same level of integrity and excellence in 2019.

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