service experienceA few weeks ago, the focus of a weekly blog post was the amazing Certificates of Satisfaction (COS) that Joe Taylor Restoration typically gets from our customers after a restoration job is complete.

Often, however, in addition to the COS, customers go above and beyond, emailing managers and even Joe Taylor himself to detail how we provided them with the best service they have ever encountered.


Since that is our goal- to exceed our customers’ expectations from the start of the initial inspection, to the very end of the job- it’s wonderful to get these extra fabulous reviews.

So, it is with great pride that we share the following review from a customer in Boynton Beach, Florida, detailing how we provided her with a job done extremely well by several members of our team:

I wanted to send you this message to comment on the wonderful experience I had with your employees. This is the most pleasant and professional company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The workers’ attitudes during this tumultuous time was delightful.

What could have been a chaotic disaster was made pleasant with the excitement and pride they took in their work. I am really amazed at the diligent and efficient quality work done to my home. Your employees are truly professional and amazing at what they do. I will gladly and proudly recommend your services to anyone in need of them.

I was impressed since day one with the diligence and concern showed by Leo and his partner Alex when removing all the damaged floor and baseboard molding, and later making sure that all the equipments were running appropriately and reducing the humidity.

Meeting later with Tom Wessels was a delight. His professionalism at all times was impeccable. He was patient when I had questions regarding the contract and offered me to call him at any time. He wanted to make sure that I understood all his explanations. He was not only good at his job but also resulted in a very good therapist. I was really anxious not knowing what to expect and Tom noticed that. He did not rest until he was sure that I had peace of mind and trusted his team.

And Tom was so right! The day of the restoration came and all my worries were gone when I met the team that took care of removing, placing all in order and cleaning like nobody else could compare. Having Paulo, Caio, Victor, Ricardo and Vinicios here was a joy.  Not only was the job perfect to the last detail, but the energy around the house was very pleasant. They were happy doing their job, making it look easy when it was far from that.

I cannot forget Rafael, another member of your team who was very diligent checking everything that needed to be done.

Hopefully, I am not forgetting any one because that wouldn’t be fair. They all were marvelous.

Finally, please extend my congratulations and appreciation to those doing the hiring in your company. Having such a select group of professionals and caring people is the best asset any company could have, and you have it.

That sums it up. A great example of Joe Taylor Restoration doing what we do best.


At Joe Taylor Restoration, the customer is our greatest concern, and we are fully committed to the best possible customer service. It is our policy to do all things to the best of our ability every time. If you are faced with mold, fire, water, or biohazard damage, contact Joe Taylor Restoration. Let us show you what it means for us to provide you with matchless service and a job well done.