Residential Flood Water Cleanup- Stuart, Florida

flood water cleanup

Recently, Joe Taylor Restoration received a call for help first thing Monday morning. The woman on the phone said that the supply line to her kitchen sink broke and water had quickly flooded the entire first floor of her rambling home on the intercoastal. She and her husband had been frantically trying to clear their marble floors of water since 5 a.m. that morning.

They were exhausted, and the woman was terrified that the water and the flood water cleanup would cause irrevocable damage to their home and its contents. Her husband was concerned that much of the drywall, baseboards, and even flooring would need to be ripped out and his home would resemble “swiss cheese” by the end of the water damage restoration process.

Our technician did all he could to reassure them, but they decided that they needed to take a moment to think about what was happening. Flood and water damage can be extremely overwhelming, especially when a substantial amount of water effects such a large area of a property. He told the couple that they could take the time they needed, and to call back when they were ready, advising that it be the same day if possible in order to avoid further damage.

Later that afternoon, the couple called Joe Taylor Restoration back again, and said that they were ready for us to come with our equipment and save whatever we could. We responded immediately.

Upon arrival, the technicians discovered that the couple had managed to rid the home of almost all the standing water. Through the use of thermal cameras, the technicians discovered how much water had seeped into the walls, as well as behind the baseboards and the toe kicks in the kitchen. Water stains were appearing on the marble floors in several areas, and the large area rugs were also wet. Once the couple understood all that needed to be done, the technicians proceeded to remove baseboards and toe kicks, set up several dehumidifiers, and deploy over 20 air movers.

When the job was complete, the homeowners were shocked to find that their home did not resemble swiss cheese at all. Instead, the only replacements necessary were the toe kicks in the kitchen because of the acute water concentration in that area. The stained marble was restored, and the rest of the home was completely dried in a matter of days and returned to its pre-loss condition.

The homeowners were thrilled with the results and affirmed that they would recommend Joe Taylor Restoration to anyone who was in need of flood water cleanup and restoration services. If you are faced with water or flood damage in your home or business, call the experts at Joe Taylor Restoration.