Roof Leaks and Water Damage- Boynton Beach, Florida

roof leaksWith all the rain we have been having lately in Florida, Joe Taylor Restoration has been quite busy responding to routine jobs, such as roof leaks. Certainly, during a rain storm, a large leak becomes apparent very quickly and you may find yourself grabbing a bucket to catch falling water. But roof leaks are not always quite so obvious.

Periodically take a look around the inside and even outside of your business or home, including the garage. When inspecting the inside of your property, it is likely you have a leak if:

  • you see bubbles, peeling, or water stains on the ceilings or walls
  • drywall begins to look soft or starts to disintegrate
  • you see dark mold or mildew spots

If you are examining the outside of your property, active roof leaks are likely when:

  • you see broken or curling shingles
  • you discover missing flashing
  • areas of water are pooling on the roof

It is very important to contact a licensed and insured water restoration company as soon as you discover that you have a roof leak.  The longer a leak goes unattended, the more chance there is for rot and/or dangerous mold to set in.

Recently, a Boynton Beach homeowner discovered a growing stain on the ceiling in her garage and suspected a roof leak. She called Joe Taylor Restoration out right away to address the issue before it became worse, and it was a good thing she did.

The leak had not been active very long, and though the ceiling was stained and some insulation was affected, it had not yet turned into a major problem. We immediately set up the necessary drying equipment, and arranged with the homeowner to leave the equipment running on site until the roof was repaired- averting any further damage.

If all the rain in Florida is taking its toll and roof leaks begin to affect  your home or business, call Joe Taylor Restoration right away.  We will see to it that any resulting water damage is addressed and your property is restored.