Rooftop Pool Leak Water Loss- Miami, Florida

pool leak water lossAfter a bit of a break due to the recent circumstances occurring in our country and beyond, we are now getting back to our regularly scheduled weekly blog posts. Beginning with a case that doesn’t happen every day in the world of water restoration.

We’ve all heard of roof leaks, and we’ve heard of pool leaks. But a rooftop pool leak water loss? Now that’s interesting. And that’s precisely what happened in a condo building in Miami, Florida.

Normally when Joe Taylor Restoration gets a call to address water damage caused by a roof leak, the source is a bad rain storm and a faulty roof. It’s a much rarer case that a rooftop pool has sprung a leak and the water has seeped down through the roof to the structure below.

Unfortunately, that’s what the residents living directly under the pool in this condo building experienced. Four units were immediately impacted by the rooftop pool leak water loss. Kitchen, hallway, guest bedroom, and bedroom ceilings and walls were soaked by the water from the pool above. However, that wasn’t all. Because the pool leak was not discovered and repaired right away, the water continued to flow downward, damaging units on three other floors below.

With the help of moisture meters, thermal cameras, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and other specialized equipment, Joe Taylor Restoration was able to assess and then address the water damage in all the affected units. Our technicians successfully restored the condos to their original condition, before mold had a chance to grow and any further damage could take place.

Whether you are in need of water damage restoration because of a rooftop pool leak water loss, a regular roof leak, or another source entirely, Joe Taylor Restoration is here to help! Our team is ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One call will result in our experienced, well-trained technicians turning your water damage emergency into a property successfully restored.