Severe Water Damage- Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

severe water damageThe location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The situation: severe water damage. The culprit: a washing machine. The hero: Joe Taylor Restoration.

The backstory: This being Florida, there are a lot of people coming and going. Some live her all year long, but many do not. We have a season that includes a large amount of “guests”, if you will, that come in droves. Visitors may be here on vacation for awhile, then leave, and never come back. Or they may leave, and come back every winter because they own a home, condo or even beach bungalow here in the sunshine state.

Such was the case with the homeowner in Palm Beach Gardens. He had escaped the steaming Florida summer for a cooler climate in the north and left a property manager to look in on his home periodically.

As is an unfortunate common occurrence resulting in severe water damage, the supply line to the washing machine came loose on the third floor of the home and water proceeded to flood all three floors from the top down. Sadly, there was so much water that the ceiling of the downstairs living room collapsed, leaving a gaping hole and a whole lot of damage in general.

When the property manager discovered water flowing out the front door, he called the homeowner and Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. We arrived in under two hours and moved in with all the necessary specialized equipment, including over forty air movers. We dried everything we could, but much of the carpet, toe kicks, and baseboards had to be removed.

Had there not been a quick-thinking property manager in this case, or family friend or neighbor checking on the house, the damage would have been exponentially worse. The homeowner would have likely come back to a forest of mold growing all throughout the house, in addition to the severe water damage.

Perhaps you do not have a vacation home in Florida, but you have a lengthy vacation planned. We suggest you take some precautions before you go, and that you give a trusted friend or neighbor a key, any security alarm information, and a number where you can be reached just in case your property experiences an event while you are away. But in the even that you find yourself in need of severe water damage restoration, or mold, fire or biohazard remediation, please contact Joe Taylor Restoration right away. We would be glad to play the hero in your restoration story too.