Sewer Backup- Osceola County, Florida

sewer backupEvery now and then, we at Joe Taylor Restoration have the pleasure of meeting and working for exceptionally interesting customers. Some of these people hold positions in politics, some are athletes, and some are experts in their field. Such was the case recently with a biologist in Osceola County, Florida who, unfortunately, had a sewer backup in his home.

This homeowner had a problem with his septic tank that resulted in a sewer backup on the first floor via a shower drain and a toilet. The sewage flooded the bathroom, hallway closets, bedroom and stairwell closets, office, den, guest bedroom, and garage.

While this ordeal was overwhelming and frustrating for the homeowner, non of the above is out of the ordinary when it comes to a sewer backup. What IS out of the ordinary is that this biologist had a very large aquarium in the affected area filled with marine organisms that require professional handling.

The most notable of these organisms was a kind of “killer coral.” This coral requires that the water temperature remain very stable and within a certain range. If the temperature deviates, the coral will begin to die, releasing a deadly neurotoxin into the air that has been documented to cause human harm or even death.

Sound like the stuff of villains and superheroes? Well, lucky for this homeowner, our JTR superheroes were undaunted by the villainous coral. The technicians took great care to strategically place dehumidifiers and other necessary equipment so as not to disturb the water temperature of the aquarium.

The technicians managed to dry the home, remove and dispose of all affected contents, and remediate the property pursuant to IICRC standards for a sewer backup, Category 3 water loss. All this without changing the water temperature of the aquarium or disturbing the dangerous coral. Safe to say, Joe Taylor Restoration saved the day.

If you have a sewer backup or any other type of water damage affect your home or business, do not hesitate to contact us. Killer coral or not, we will work hard and do our very best to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.