Standing Water in Flooded House- Wellington, Florida

standing waterRecently, Joe Taylor Restoration received an after hours emergency call for a water loss in Wellington, Florida that involved a home with standing water throughout. You might be wondering how on earth a home was flooded so completely without a major weather event. The answer is two fold: a bathtub supply line that burst and was then left unattended for approximately two days.

As is the case with many residential standing water scenarios, the homeowner was out of town when the pipe failed. The loss was discovered by the housekeeper at least two days after the water began to escape the bathtub and bathroom. Because of the delay, the loss affected the entire home. A family member tried to extract some water from the floors, but was unsuccessful at ridding the home of the standing water. That’s when the homeowner contacted Joe Taylor Restoration.

Upon arrival, we conducted a thorough moisture inspection using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters. The technology revealed that in most of the affected areas, the water had wicked up the walls as high as 2 feet. Two guest bedrooms that had engineered bamboo wood floors showed severe water staining and other signs of water damage. The thick carpet in several rooms of the house was extremely saturated with water and had to be removed. The homeowner also requested that we remove area rugs, curtains, and other unsalvageable contents from the home.

To expedite the drying process, we detached all of the baseboards and removed the toe-kicks in the kitchen and bathroom. Air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and over 90 air movers were deployed to effectively dry out the specialty building material and all affected areas of the home. It was a lengthy process, but in the end, the home was deemed dry and there was no mold present.

If you have the unfortunate experience of coming home to standing water, or water damage of any kind, call Joe Taylor Restoration immediately. One call will result in the expertise and considerable resources necessary to remedy the situation and restore your property to its original condition.