The 2013 Hurricane Season: Preventing and/or Addressing Water, Fire, or Mold Damage

As of June 1st, the 2013 hurricane season officially began in Florida. And with a potential tropical storm looming on Florida’s horizon, we at Joe Taylor Restoration thought it important to address a few things that could help you avoid a water, fire, or mold disaster, or at least be ready to deal with one if a loss does occur in your home or business. 

Get your home ready now. 

It is advisable to ready your home now for a weather event, instead of waiting for the day before the storm is set to strike. Know where the gas and water shut-offs are in your home or business and how to work them. Make sure your shutters are in good order. If you have panels, practice putting them up to ensure they fit and can be properly secured. If you have accordions, make sure their tracks aren’t obstructed and practice locking them shut. If you do not have shutters, have plywood on hand to protect windows. Make sure your doors are firmly attached to the frame of your house by their hinges. Because lightning poses a potential risk for house fires, some people opt to install lightning protection systems in their homes. Installation takes time, so this is something that would need to be done well in advance. In the few days before a storm, you will also want to bring in potted plants, store pool or lawn furniture, and make sure loose branches and unstable trees are removed.

Get insurance in order and protect paperwork.

The top three reasons homeowners strike out when it comes to insurance claims are lack of adequate insurance coverage, insufficient documentation, and failure to retain proof of damage. Read over your insurance policy, ask your agent questions and update your policy as needed — now. Make sure that your policies are up to date and cover you for hurricanes or other related storm events like flooding. If you don’t have a policy, buy one now; most insurers suspend selling policies when a storm threatens. Also, store important financial and personal documents in plastic bags or other water tight containers. Know what you have. Take photos of your property, inside and out. Use a camera or an app with a time-stamp so you have proof for your insurance company. 

Have contact information on hand for a licensed, insured property mitigation company, preferably one that is an approved vendor for your insurance carrier.

When hurricanes or even tropical storms hit, they carry with them a tremendous amount of water and lightening, putting your property at risk for water and fire damage, as well as mold damage later on. If you find yourself facing this kind of destruction, you will need to address the problem immediately so as to avoid any further damage. Joe Taylor Restoration is a licensed and insured mold, fire and water restoration company. We are also an approved vendor for over 30 insurance carriers in Florida. We have been in business for 11 years and have seen thousands of Florida citizens through some very trying hurricane seasons. Do not be fooled by “fly by night” companies who decide to get into the restoration business when they see a hurricane approaching our shore line. These companies will take advantage of you and your insurance company, resulting in law suits and other issues. Choose a company that your insurance company trusts. In the wake of a storm, choose Joe Taylor Restoration.